Use GNU C++ and Intel Compilers with OpenMP

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Most compilers today support OpenMP. Jeff Cogswell shows you how to compile OpenMP programs using both the Intel and GNU C++ compilers.

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New Hope for Moore’s Law Lies in Smarter Plastic, Better Light

Intel and Berkeley Lab researchers design a new circuit-etching photoresist material that could keep chip power growing and extend Moore’s Law far beyond 2020. Researchers from Intel and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory may have developed a plastic so advanced it could help shrink microprocessor circuits 30 percent smaller than …

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Shining New Light on Oldest Star in the Galaxy

Scientists have modeled the formation of the Milky Way’s oldest known star, providing new insights into the creation of stars in the early days of the universe. The scientists from the University of Göttingen and the University of Copenhagen performed the computer simulations on a North-German Supercomputing Alliance supercomputer, which …

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New Weapon in Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life

Researchers have used supercomputers to develop a new methane-detection tool that can help astronomers search for extraterrestrial life. Methane, the simplest organic molecule, is a sign of potential life, and scientists at University College London (UCL) and the University of New South Wales say they have developed the most accurate …

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NCAR’s ‘Dropbox for Big Data’ Gets Speed Boost

Scientists and other researchers now have faster and better access to climate and weather data for their high-performance computing (HPC) research needs. The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has implemented a data sharing service, called Globus Plus, which will improve collaboration by allowing researchers to share data with other …

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Groundbreaking Quake Simulation Supercomputer Up for Top HPC Prize

Quake simulation gives clearer picture of seismic waves cause damage after researchers blow away speed records by running it on three of the world’s fastest supercomputers. The SeisSol application uses 191,089,540 tetrahedrons in an unstructured mesh to map the elastic effect of seismic waves on the ground. Credit: Heinecke, A., …

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Intel True Scale Fabric Covers Needs of New Supercomputer

The Vienna University of Technology has improved its Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC-3) with Intel True Scale Fabric, a solution that includes adapters for servers, edge, top-of-rack and director switches and management tools, according to a recent InsideHPC article. VSC-3, a high-performance computing system that’s now in its third-generation, supports scientific …

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Bill Aims to Prevent U.S. STEM Shortage

A bill to make computer science education a core competency has reached 112 supporters, making it the most broadly co-sponsored education bill in the House of Representatives, a recent HPCWire article says. The Computer Science Education Act (HR 2356), first introduced on June 27, 2013, has yet to make it …

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Charm++ Parallel Programming Language Cools HPC Power Problems

The Charm++ parallel programming model supports load balancing between cores while adjusting the frequencies of the cores during high temperature processes. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Parallel Programming Laboratory have improved their Charm++ parallel programming model and runtime’s load balancing system to adjust the balancing based on …

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Intel Ships Self-Encrypting SSD for Datacenter, IoT

Intel Pro 2500 SSD series is self-encrypting, remotely manageable and business-friendly in either a glass house or in the wild as an Internet-of-Things device. Intel has announced a new series of solid state drives (SSD) with features that could make them a staple of high-performing datacenters or keep them secure …

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How to Create Vectorized, Multicore Loops in OpenMP with Ease

OpenMP includes pragma directives that let you create both vectorized and multicore loops, and even use both in a single loop. Jeff Cogswell walks you through how to do it. Regular readers of Go Parallel know that we focus on two main areas of parallel programming: Multicore programming and SIMD …

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Supercomputers Keep Satellites Safe From Space Junk

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is using computer modeling to help satellites evade the 19,000 pieces of space junk that orbit the Earth. The goal is to create new simulations to model the effects of space weather on satellite orbits. The sun’s heat and solar storms can cause …

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